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Lives and works in London

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Notes on my work

I’ve thought a lot about absurdity in relation to art and life, Sisyphus’s struggle with the boulder always seemed a fitting metaphor for living but the act is not without humour, integrity or beauty. Among other things, I grew up loving Beckett’s plays and alongside this faithfully copying the images of graffiti (with my brother) from the 1980’s book Subway Art. I think my work draws on the aesthetics of both. I like writer Lauren Berlants’ idea that the funny is always tripping over the not funny and the possibility that this awkwardness offers for both humour and sincerity.

I’m interested in the internal logic of painting, that it has its own rules, or no rules at all, it still feels rebellious to paint. A painting doesn’t have to make sense in a literal way but it can nevertheless make visual sense. In my work, I’m always pushing for an image that just ‘holds’ together figuratively and spatially, something that is teetering on an edge, ravelling and unravelling, intelligible and utterly dumb.

In seeking the absurd in everyday rituals there’s an attempt to understand an expression of human behaviour and desire. I often work with images from old photography books bought cheaply on eBay. My heritage is central European secular Jewish and many of these books document Jewish ceremonies and lifestyles, images and customs I can’t totally understand because I have no experience of but sense that the content has somehow shaped me. For me, the fact the images are often indecipherable opens them up for painting. Through painting from these images I move closer to my core, deconstructing them in order to bring into fruition truer ones. The images I work from always contain tension and possibility, creating a state of flux that is somehow reflected in the flux between abstraction and figuration.






MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London


BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London

Selected Exhibitions



Bad Language, Atrium Space, BAGT

Binary, Terrace

Flirting with the Border Guards, curated by Jon Ridge, Terrace



Studio Confetti curated by Karl Bielik, Terrace



The Collector's Room (Houdini), curated by Karen David, JGM Gallery 



A Tapered Teardrop, curated by Karl Bielik, Terrace  

Stairway To Heaven: Abstraction Now, curated by Dan Coombs

Our Kind of People, Artworks Project Space, London (solo)



Do Re Mi Fa So La Te,  Perimeter Space Griffin Gallery, curated by Karen David



Alpine Rd @ PIAF, London



Pipedream, University of Worcester

The Garden of Forking Paths, Lewisham Arthouse



Autocatalytic Future Games, curated by Playpaint, London



London Calling, curated by Erin Lawlor, Look & Listen, Saint Chamas, France



Artworks Open, selected by David Kefford and Reece Jones, London

Other Objects, co-curated by Caterina Lewis & Gwennan Thomas, Lion and Lamb, London

Creekside Open, selected by Paul Noble, London

Start 13, Bermondsey Project, London



Bow Arts Open, London



Tropical Disease, Galerie Im Regierungviertel, Berlin



So what’s different today? Globe Gallery & Hoults Yard, Newcastle



Private Practice 2, Empire Gallery, London



Private Practice, Chinese Characters Contemporary Art Space, Budapest



Eternal Quickies, Internsjonalt Kultursenter og Museum, Oslo (solo)



Falling,  Galleri Seilduken, Oslo



Skin, Notting Hill Arts Club, London (solo)

Museum in the Making, Lethaby Gallery, London

Dislocation, late view group exhibition, Victoria and Albert Museum, London



Artist in Residence, Hickser Projects, Italy



Bermondsey Project



University of Fine Art in Budapest



National Academy of the Arts in Oslo

Scholarships and Awards



Norwegian Research Council Scholarship



Kate Barton Painting Award

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